My name is Hunter and I am a booster for Rainbow Six Siege and Destiny 2 for PC.

I have been playing Siege since operation Dust Line and have been in platinum almost every season. Currently i am plat 2 and can confidently boost you to plat easily in a short amount of time. I prefer boosting alone but will gladly play along side you on my smurf and teach you as we play for a few matches.

For Destiny i have played both the first and second to completion (the second being as far as i can to the extent of DLC release) and can quickly and efficiently boost you to any level you desire.

Boosts in: Rainbow Six Siege, Destiny 2
Orders Completed: 1
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Last Active: 132 days ago

If you want Hunter to be your booster, type 5314 when you choose the booster for your order