Hello ,ppl know me asAlex and i made a lot of smurfs master/challenger on eune and d1 master on euw
I'm here because i like to boost and do coach in my free time.
I played on many tournaments:challenger series season 3 or 4,i cant remember well when rank teams existed,go4lol goro4lol and other ro tournaments.
I'm main adc/support and midlane.
I play lol since s2 and mostly i played adc,adapting everytime by its current meta.
You can always look for me and ask for my help, either coach or boost, I'll be happy to help you grind.

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If you want Banica to be your booster, type 4921 when you choose the booster for your order

Banica's Reviews - Feel free to read them all

Robert coached by Banica for 1 hour

very nice guy! he is a absolute beast in his lanes and give really good advice! would recommend it!!

GS boosted by Banica for 9 matches Games

Fast, friendly. just insane :D

m boosted by Banica for 3 Wins in Silver 1

Great booster he boosted me twice quick and efficient

Dirk boosted by Banica for 2 Wins in Gold 4

awesome gameplay super freindly guy

Dirk boosted by Banica for 4 Wins in Silver 1

awesome games
awesome guy