Hello, iam an Top 100 Rocket League player, I started boosting accounts in Season 3 when it was very easy to get an account which was unranked to GC within 3 hours of playtime. With its getting harder to reach Grand Champ, I got better in playing. . I can help you to reach the rank that you always wanted to be in. Iam very polite, so dont be shy and let me help you to get out of your rank so you can improve your playstyle faster on a higher level. I can speak fluently german and english, learning french and dutch in school, but iam really bad at that :D Hope you choose me as your booster/coach!

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If you want Jonas to be your booster, type 4892 when you choose the booster for your order

Jonas's Reviews - Feel free to read them all

el boosted by Jonas for 8 matches on 2v2 - 30/06/2019

very quick, friendly, and really good!

Corey coached by Jonas for 1 hour - 30/06/2019

absolutly incredible coach 100% using again!

Apollo74 coached by Jonas for 1 hour - 04/05/2019

This guy is a beast! will take him again

Apollo73 coached by Jonas for 2 hours - 17/11/2018

He was insane and give me very important tips for improve well done.

Freddie coached by Jonas for 1 hour - 21/06/2018

Really strong player! He should definetely be your first choice! He's not only a very good player but he's also able to tell you how to get rid of your weaknesses fast, a really good teacher =)