Hello , my name is '' Maher EIssa'' From Egypt , 23 years old!
Playing video games for more than 10 years as a competitive player !

Rank 1 on Egypt Since Chapter one, season two.
Almost 3000 Total wins with 60k Total kills!

Competitive player ranked worldwide as the most talented Player! , and a professional fortnite player that can help you in (ARENA - WINS - POWER LEVELING - Challenges - Daily Quests - Coaching ) , also you can ask for custom order !

Everyone has his own strategy of playing , i will help you to find yours!

Feel Free to use my code for specific boost '' 48374''

Boosts in: CoD Modern Warfare, Fortnite
Orders Completed: 252
Recent Orders: 5
Last Active: 20 hours ago
Rating: 5/5 (109 reviews)

If you want Maher to be your booster, type 48374 when you choose the booster for your order

Maher's Reviews - Feel free to read them all

Shaan coached by Maher for 1 hour - 29/07/2020


trent boosted by Maher for 1 Wins - 21/06/2020

amazing job as always this guy is outstanding

Matthew coached by Maher for 1 hour - 17/05/2020

Really good

Lg coached by Maher for 2 hours - 08/05/2020


Rey boosted by Maher for 1 Wins - 25/04/2020