Hello, My name is caio, My current rank is Diamond, I play since the closed beta, I currently play Pro League Latam, A quality boost and Fast of a Pro Player.
I am always available for ordering, When I take an order I do it the same day, and I try my best to do it in less than 24hrs

-Top scoring or close to the top every game

Your order will be delivered as soon as possible.

-I am extremely friendly and communicative

- If you are looking for more boost after your first one, I can offer you a 5% loyalty discount aswell if you choose me to boost you again!

Boosts in: Rainbow Six Siege
Orders Completed: 108
Recent Orders: 1
Last Active: 3 hours ago
Rating: 4.9/5 (79 reviews)

If you want Caio to be your booster, type 47910 when you choose the booster for your order

Caio's Reviews - Feel free to read them all

Sam boosted by Caio for 2 Wins in Gold - Today

Fast and really good at the game! 100% Recommend

Sam boosted by Caio for 2 matches Games on PC - 09/07/2020

Really good at the game and has A+ skills

Salman boosted by Caio for 2 matches Games on PC - 20/06/2020

fast and communicative

Huh boosted by Caio for 3 Wins in Silver - 19/06/2020

Quick, fast, and easy. Also very courteous.

robin boosted by Caio for 2 Wins in Gold - 16/06/2020

Good boost, recommend!