Hello there,this is Wei,a experienced HS booster who have boosted HS for about 3 years.I surely can almost handle anything about HS (if card is not a problem):
1. Any Rank(25-Legend);
2. All Adventure Heroic Bosses (I myself have all adventure card backs);
3. 9 Golden Heroes(I'v boosted 30 golden heroes or so,all 9 Heroes included);
4. Arena(1-12 WINS), PS:I used to be a arena player and have all 9 Heroes got more that a 12 WINS, but I didn't do much arenas this two expansions;
5. Coaching,(but I don't know if I can handle all in English since English is not my first language.BTW,Chinses is my first language)
6. Any other need you want.
Anything you need about HS,I'm all at your service! I will never ever let you down when it comes to HS.Just try me! I hope you all can enjoy HS!

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If you want Wei to be your booster, type 4705 when you choose the booster for your order

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manuel boosted by Wei for 1 wing - 19/06/2019

Alejandro boosted by Wei from to - 18/05/2019

Crear Booster, 100% recomended

Sanjiv boosted by Wei from to - 15/05/2019

He is really fast boosting. Also making good clear appointments and avaible for chat. i recommand you this booster from all.

batman boosted by Wei from to - 13/05/2019

good job

Toto boosted by Wei from to - 11/05/2019

Very good player and nice man. I recommend it because he is fast and kind !