Hello! I've been playing Rocket League since the very beginning, I love every gamemode (especially 1v1). I'm also at the top 100 leaderboards from time to time and can perform any boost that you may need thanks to my individual skill. I prefer solo boosts so I can finish them as soon as possible; how long it will take depends on the rank, but usually takes from one to a few hours. You shall have in mind that I like to work seriously so you can have your account back as soon as possible :)

You can ask about how the boosting is going at any time and other questions that you may have, I'll answer all of them with pleasure.

Boosts in: Rocket League
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If you want Alejandro to be your booster, type 45870 when you choose the booster for your order

Alejandro's Reviews:

Very good player and a very nice personality. Thanks for everything

Quick, friendly, got the job done - would use again :)

Very easy guy and lived up to what he was supposed to do. Taught me what I needed to know and more

very very very friendly, fast and helpfull booster. :)