My name is Georgi. I work as a booster and a coach. I've been Diamond for the last 2 seasons ( 5000 elo ) and i'm continuing to seek further development in higher leagues such as Challenger League. If you prefer a simple boost, you'll get it fast and easy. If you're interested in coaching and want quick development, i can break down for you maps, angles,gameplay , strats, roles, operators, attachments or basically anything you don't understand, but you need to be really dedicated, in order to get better at the game. If you've found this description intriguing, you can order right now using my personal code 4205.

Boosts in: Rainbow Six Siege
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If you want Georgi to be your booster, type 4205 when you choose the booster for your order

Georgi's Reviews:

Was very helpful and understanding with the problems I have been having changing from PS4 to PC. Has a lot of good tips for getting better as a player.

Pretty patient guy

i learn more and i believe it will improve my gameplay

Helpful and patience!!!

He helped me on good spawn peeks and gave me good tips to improve