Hello, I have been boosting hearthstone for 4 years so far, and I am playing since open beta. I really enjoy the game and I find it very fun to play. I have lots of experience in coaching or self-playing until your desired rank in both wild and standard modes, getting legend really depends on rng and meta but I'm always trying to finish it as fast as possible. I'm very friendly and I always like to meet new people and talk to them and if I can help I'm more then happy to do it or help you in any other way. I speak English pretty decently so u should not have any trouble understanding me. Thanks and all the best! :)

Boosts in: Hearthstone, Teamfight Tactics
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If you want Borislav to be your booster, type 41878 when you choose the booster for your order

Borislav's Reviews - Feel free to read them all

George boosted by Borislav from 8 to 5 - 27/07/2019

Borislav was great! Amazing player, fast boosting and I learnt a lot from watching him play!

Sheva boosted by Borislav from 4 to Legend - 27/07/2019

Thank's to Borislav !

Victor boosted by Borislav from 16 to Legend - 11/07/2019

Kind guy, done the job well.

José coached by Borislav for 2 hours - 12/06/2019

Great guy with amazing skills!