Hello. I am a a person, who has been playing Rocket League for many years now. I got around 2k hours in total, so I am pretty experienced. I was very close to Top 100 in 2v2 and 3v3 a couple of times. I got a lot of time to boost. I can boost from every rank, to any rank. I can boost in every mode you want. 1v1 to GC, 2v2 to GC and 3v3 to GC. I speak english very fluently, so there should be no problem communicating with me. Now if you are comfortable after reading this bio, you can always pick me as your booster :)

Boosts in: Rocket League
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If you want Lupo to be your booster, type 41854 when you choose the booster for your order

Lupo's Reviews - Feel free to read them all

James boosted by Lupo from Champion II to Grand Champion on PC - 20/10/2019

great job :)

Mason boosted by Lupo from Champion III to Grand Champion on PC - 16/07/2019

Absolutely amazing, this site is doing big things. Much love for the help

Olle boosted by Lupo from Silver III to Gold III on PC - 30/06/2019

Very good player, very friendly and the boost went super fast!

Kevin boosted by Lupo from Champion II to Champion III on PC - 22/06/2019

Very relaxed and fast booster. Boost started 1 minute after order. Finished without even 1 loss, so if you want a quick and relaxed boost, pick him!

Apollo74 boosted by Lupo from Champion II to Champion III on PC - 16/06/2019

Easy and fast reccomended booster