Hello. I am a a guy, who has been playing Rocket League for many years now. I got around 4k hours in total, so I am pretty experienced. I was very close to RLRS many times, and have been also around Top 100 in 2v2 and 3v3 a couple of times. I got a lot of time to boost. I can boost from every rank, to any rank. I can boost in every mode you want, except in solo 3v3. 1v1 to GC, 2v2 to GC and 3v3 to GC. I speak english very fluently, so there should be no problem communicating with me.

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If you want Amir to be your booster, type 41854 when you choose the booster for your order

Amir's Reviews:

Absolutely amazing, this site is doing big things. Much love for the help

Very good player, very friendly and the boost went super fast!

Very relaxed and fast booster. Boost started 1 minute after order. Finished without even 1 loss, so if you want a quick and relaxed boost, pick him!

Easy and fast reccomended booster

The best player I have ever played with by far! Great games Amir!