My name is Toni Alcantud, I am from Spain.
I started to play in season 2, I came to a shooting star, in season 3 I improved and I reached Grand Champion and this season 4 I have reached Grand Champion in 2s, 3s and soloq and champ3 in 1v1.
I can reach Grand Champion in about 5-6 hours.
I speak Spanish and very little English, but I can write it. Currently competing in one of the best teams in Spain.
Normally I play 2 or 3 hours a day, but for a job I could play more.
I play on pc and ps4.

Boosts in: Rocket League
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If you want Toni to be your booster, type 3904 when you choose the booster for your order

Toni's Reviews - Feel free to read them all

Robbie boosted by Toni from Champion I to Champion II on PC - 13/12/2020

very fast and super nice. Actually really good person and helpful.

Anonymous boosted by Toni from Platinum II to Diamond II on PC - 11/12/2020

Toni was a strait G, plat 1 do diamond 2 ezpz, won all but one game.

bry boosted by Toni for 10 matches on 1v1 (Solo Duels) - 11/12/2020

10/10 placements. Legend !

Pandorex boosted by Toni from Platinum III to Diamond I on PC - 04/12/2020

Very friendly Booster. Games was fun and very easy to win. Thanks again :)

Andrew boosted by Toni for Silver wins on PC - 03/12/2020

Toni is a great booster 5/5