Attila Roland

Hi guys my name is Roland, i'm a player from euw, did challenger many times and got multiple accounts in master, i'm main adc and i can play every adc champion. Can play midlane with more than 5 champs, in case can fill support with 2 champs. Be free to ask me any tips during the work. Im here for you,all day all night.Playing your champs/roles/summoners...I speak English,Hungarian and Romanian

Here are games i usually play to boost accounts/day this can increas if customer ask for it:

Gold 5--->Gold 1- 10games/day
Gold 1--->Plat1 10games/day
Plat 1--->Diamond 1 - 6-7games/day
Diamond 1--->Master - 3-4games/day

Boosts in: League of Legends
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If you want Attila Roland to be your booster, type 3819 when you choose the booster for your order

Attila Roland's Reviews:

Merci beaucoup, booster efficace et rapide , sans problème je vous le recommande!!!!

friendly guy and skilled player :D

Really kind