My name is Denis, I am Ukrainian Dota 2 player, I play in Dota with Dota AllStars, my MMR is around 6400, I've increased many accounts from scratch and got them up to 5000-6200 MMR. Played in Starladder pro league, now focused on raising. In addition, I'm pretty good at matches, making the maximum or almost the maximum possible rating. I prefer to increase to 5500, I'm quite an experienced player. On average, I play about 8-10 games a day, so its about 150 - 200 MMR per day. I speak Ukrainian and English with a strange Ukrainian accent. Very hardworking :)

Boosts in: Dota 2
Orders Completed: 120
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Denis's Reviews:

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Gave regular updates. Played consistent amount of games per day and gave regular updates.

Fast and well done

This guy is named Denis i think its dendi incognito xD woulth recommend him 10/10

Great job, did well in matches :)! Would recommend

9wins for calibriation. bring me from legend 4 to ancient 4