Hello Guys, I'm Etienne, a veteran League of Legends player that has been playing since Season 1.

I've been playing league for 7 years now. During these years, I've hit challenger/master many times and I've been competing with big names on the scene in lots of games. With over 10 000 games played, I developed a very strong understanding of macro plays and I use it to secure wins in pretty much any ELO I play. I'm also a very strong mechanical player, which makes me able to master pretty much every champion in the game. On top of that, I'm a versatile player and I can play every role at a high level.

Besides League, I'm a very fun person in real life and I spend a lot of time off the game too. Hit me up if you want a personalised and very interactive experience of boosting.

See you in the chat!

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If you want Etienne to be your booster, type 3495 when you choose the booster for your order

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It was pretty fast and nice. The person was very good too


Really nice and professional

Very Professional