Hey, my name is Ben I live in the UK. I've played Rocket League on PC for over 4000 hours now. I play around Champ 3-GC Level. My preference is to solo queue 2s for faster results, but I can play with a customer too if necessary!

I'm also a trained and qualified coach. So if you order a coaching session and put my name down, you will receive something you never imagined before lol.

My playstyle is controlled boost starving into a counter attack. I don't really have any strengths or weaknesses, I'd say that I have a pretty all-rounded and balanced playstyle overall.


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If you want Ben to be your booster, type 3120 when you choose the booster for your order

Ben's Reviews - Feel free to read them all

Daniel boosted by Ben from Gold I to Gold III on PlayStation 4 - 28/06/2019

friendly and fast :D

Adrian boosted by Ben from Champion II to Champion III on PC - 07/05/2019

Very nice and fast boost.

Boyd boosted by Ben from Champion I to Champion II on PC - 01/03/2019

Ben was so good. We played together (Champ 1 -> Champ 2). Very nice guy with good advice and patience.

Ask for Ben if you want to play together!

Goon12 boosted by Ben from Platinum III to Diamond II on PC - 22/01/2018

Great coach, top quality

Goon12 coached by Ben for 3 hours - 22/01/2018

Great coach, top quality