Hi, my name is Simon and I have been playing this game for a few years now I would be very happy to be your league of legends booster. I main mid lane and my best picks are katarina, zed, leblanc and xerath. I am currently d4 but have reached d1 this season. I can also play pretty much any lanes below plat and do decently, my second role is jg tho and I play lee sin, jax, xin zao and graves in the jungle. I mosly boost na but im cappable of boosting lan region. If you have any questions or comcerns feel free to ask.

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If you want Simon to be your booster, type 30131 when you choose the booster for your order

Simon's Reviews:

booster very friendly

Great guy, really funny person to chat with and very professional.

Very fast and friendly! Recommending him to everyone and will ask for him again!


Good communication and excellent player, would recommend.