Hello my name is Rafal I am a PC Only player from Poland

I've been boosting for more than 2 years i have been grand champion in all playlists. I can sit and play for 15 hours straight just to complete boost as soon as possible ( i just dont like when someone is waiting ) can stream gameplay if u would like to.
Can play EU and NA-east depends what u need. I can also help with tips so that the customer can improve in the game

If you want me to be your booster use code 301 :)

Boosts in: Fortnite, New World, Rocket League, Valorant
Orders Completed: 802
Recent Orders: 1
Last Active: 6 hours ago
Rating: 5/5 (437 reviews)

If you want Rafał to be your booster, type 301 when you choose the booster for your order

Rafał's Reviews - Feel free to read them all

XXx boosted by Rafał from Diamond III to Champion I on PC

Very fast and very good wp

Synerock boosted by Rafał for 1 Tournament(s) on PC

Good job

Jiandro boosted by Rafał from Diamond I to Champion II on PC


Sean boosted by Rafał for 10 matches on 2v2

This guy is ridiculously good.

daniel boosted by Rafał for 5 matches on 2v2

Nice guy, good player, 5 wins in a row