I've been playing rocket league since it came out finishing in top 100 in s1 - s2 - s3 - s4 -s5 and s6 with my highest personal ranking being the 8th best in the world in 1v1, 13th in 2v2, 23rd in 3v3 solo and 11th in 3v3 standard.

Been playing at a semi pro level since s2 having my team be 13th best team in EU according to power rankings and playing through s2 to s3 with the same team before we disbanded.

Now taking a break from competitive I do boosting on my spare time but I still play regularly at the highest level.


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If you want Rico to be your booster, type 2881 when you choose the booster for your order

Rico's Reviews:

Booster was fast and very friendly

Great and efficient service!

Very nice and fast boost
Huge Thanks to Rico

really fast boost, won everygame and had much fun :)
he even gave me the chance to score which i clearly failed nearly everytime :D

thx man, great job!

quick af boy