A quick introduction:
Hey! My name is Patrik. I have been playing games since I was like 4, but started playing competitively around my 20s. I speak Swedish and English fluently and a little bit of Finnish. Apart for gaming, I'm into most IT-things and have a different type of minor degrees within IT, with a plan of getting a master's degree in either IT-security or programming.

Highlights of me in the games I play:

Top #20 Grand Master Hero League two season in a row.
I main Aba, and had a 75% win ratio(25-5 one season in HL and 27-8 season after that) 2 seasons in a row on Master and Grand Master level.

2k+ games played on my main account with a 30%+ win ratio in Duos(same account that I play on when playing with customers!) I have a "smurf tryhard" account which has 60% win ratio in Solo and 85% in Duos.

Apex Legends:
Apex Predator rank, 4k dmg/20 kill badge on most legends. Experience in Pro League and several smaller tournaments.

Boosts in: Apex Legends, Fortnite, Heroes Of The Storm, WoW Classic
Orders Completed: 131
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Rating: 5/5 (81 reviews)

If you want Patrik to be your booster, type 2671 when you choose the booster for your order

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This dude is determined to make his absolute best for you in all regards.

10/10 would choose again!

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This is the best man on this site :-)

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This man is a Beast :-)

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Awsome guy! And the communication with him is just great! Anytime again!

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This was amazing to see this. Best Bosster :-)