Hallo, I´ve been reaching Challenger since S6 as a Main Jungler, I reach Rank 1 Graves in the world at the end of Season 7 (80%WR) and the Beginning of season 8 (64%WR), but now I play almost ever single jungler and can play any other lanes, S8 end up Challenger on LAN Server, Right Now my Highest Rank is Diamond 1 NA Server with 83%wr and Im waiting till the end of the season so I can start raising to Challenger, I can play anything in low elo and still 1v9 every game bc in low elo you only need macro to win every game, (and be lucky that your bot lane dont get 0-10 in 8 mins xd) jg/mid/top/adc/supp

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Jason boosted by Edwin for 10 Games - Today

Booster did a great job.

Rob sean boosted by Edwin for Wins - Today

great, fast work. good booster will definitely be requesting him again soon!

Anonymous_uSer boosted by Edwin for 10 Games - 22/01/2020

Excellent service, treatment and really fast.

keesung boosted by Edwin for 1 Wins in Gold 1 - 20/01/2020

Very good booster. Thanks

keesung boosted by Edwin from Gold 4 to Gold 3 - 16/01/2020

It's super fast. You won all the matches. He is the best.