Game League of Legends for several years, precisely since season 4. I am an eternal apprentice. Fascinated by Zac although my favorite is Rengar. My main role is the jungle, followed by top and then mid.

I consider that good players (or those who aspire to be) should be governed more by polite play, by the understanding of their peers and of themselves; because not only makes a game more enjoyable, but also, being humble with ourselves and with the rest, we can know our strengths and weaknesses to pose or patch them intelligently in the game. Is not this how you are an expert in all disciplines?

I am convinced that with luck and will we can continue to progress in and out of the rift of the summoner; that good works emerge from the clay, that there is no reason to give up in bad times.

Here my job is to support them to win games with the expectation that their match improves and in that way, along with more experienced players, improve your own game.

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