I am mainly boosting League of Legends and I have been playing LoL since S3. I play Top/jg/adc. My favorite champions are Wukong, Master Yi, Jax, Vayne, Jinx + many more! Feel free to choose me ~. I've been boosting for seasons and it's always fun. I am always friendly, helpful and serious. My division is Challenger(700lp peak) and I can coach top/adc/jg. I can boost more than 10 hours a day so the boosting will be done as soon as possible. I usually do 2 + division a day. I will be happy to be your booster!~ I have a 80%+ wr up to master.

Boosts in: League of Legends
Orders Completed: 14
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Rating: 5/5 (9 reviews)

If you want Kevin to be your booster, type 25207 when you choose the booster for your order

Kevin's Reviews - Feel free to read them all

ks boosted by Kevin for 1 Wins in Diamond 2 - 02/07/2020

Nice booster. He is best top laner.

Christian boosted by Kevin from Diamond 3 to Master - 25/04/2020

Everything was beyond expectations with Kevin. powerful JG and TOP. i have hand picked Kevin now for another order after completing this Masters order. Thank you so much. can't wait to climb more with you

P.s his Top lane high elo makes it look like hes playing against very low elo. Great job kevin. Beyond Satisfied

Ryan boosted by Kevin for 5 matches Games - 11/04/2020

Very effective and patient. Hard carried a not only me but other trashy players on our team to an impossible win

IKEA Boy boosted by Kevin for 9 matches Games - 08/04/2020

Kevin was an amazing booster. His skills are legendary!

Jonathan boosted by Kevin for 3 Games at Bronze 1 - 02/06/2019

Great Guy Easy Win !!!!