Hi, my name is Artyom, I have been playing DotA for about 6 years. I took 7k mmr last year. Participated in many LAN tournaments. At the moment, fully switched to boost. I can also write a lot of things why you should take boost from me, but who reads it at all?
On average, I play about 8-10 games a day, so its about 150 - 200 MMR per day.
Also if you'll buy "stream my boost" I'll stream for you from first to last game.
If you read up here, you might have noticed that my English is very bad, because I am Russian.)))

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If you want Artyom to be your booster, type 25081 when you choose the booster for your order

Artyom's Reviews:

Thank u man ure a good!

Great booster got it all done in a few hours

finish in 1 day very nice

Good guy, excellent job!

very fast and good at responding