My name is Sebastian. I am European Master league of legends booster,I've been playing since season 2 constantly. I do all kind of League boosts, including duo queues. Usually in most elo's I get at least 1 division per day but it may be faster. I'm open to talking with customers on chat support for whatever they want to know about their boost while I am on the account and maybe even giving them some tips to improve their gameplay and communication in their League of Legends games.

Here are some examples-

B5 - S5- 4-5 days(even faster if good MMR)
S5 - G5- 5 days
G5 - P5- 5-6 days

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If you want Sebastian to be your booster, type 2466 when you choose the booster for your order

Sebastian's Reviews:


great booster

ty all good and fast :) no proplems at all :)

i drop 2 weapon :)

EPIC! Literally obliterated the hardest challenge people are struggling with in blazing fast time. Very professional and friendly, HIGHLY recommended. Saved me from throwing my PC out the window too. You will not be disappointed.