Hello guys! I'm a booster for Dota 2. I have been playing Dota 2 since 2011 and i am very experienced player to the point where i can calculate every skill damage of all heroes in Dota 2. I can boost on 1-4k bracket with +200 mmr in a single day and and on 5k-6k bracket with +150 mmr in a single day it depends on the time . I can play position 1/2/3 with a very high versatility , which means i can play any hero you like. Please choose me as a booster with the referral code 21744 as a booster.

Boosts in: Dota 2
Orders Completed: 56
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Last Active: Online
Rating: 5/5 (29 reviews)

If you want Neil to be your booster, type 21744 when you choose the booster for your order

Neil's Reviews:

Bery nice

Amazing player just stomped every game
Definitely recommend

best one

He is amazing, it is impossible that he lose... even if all his team feed. He know very well how to carry the game to win in all circumstances + friendly person

Flying fast, and well done