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If you want Manuel to be your booster, type 21492 when you choose the booster for your order

Manuel's Reviews - Feel free to read them all

Basti boosted by Manuel - Legend's Wake Badge (Kill 20 enemies in one game) - 15/07/2019

Manuel is the best. it went really fast and I can only recommend him

Andres boosted by Manuel - Long Shot (Down a player from greater distance than 300 meters) - 09/05/2019

Manuel was very professional and quick!

Andrew boosted by Manuel for 20 kills - 20/03/2019

Easy work, thanks

Super_Sam boosted by Manuel - Legend's Wrath T1 (Deal 2000 damage in a single game) - 05/03/2019

Manuel was awesome, and got it done quickly! Would use again anytime!

Khalid boosted by Manuel for 10 Wins - 01/03/2019