Hi my name is Cristhian. Im dota 2 player current 7.1k ranked, I am a booster fron north america region(us east, us west). im been player dota since 2010 before dota 2 so i been playing it almost 10 years. I will help u for anything u ask im here to do works fast as i can and make u happy as a customer. Im taking the boosting really serious like its my job so i guarantee to u i will never fail any order so trust me and u will see the results. Hope u choose me to give u the most amazing results that u can imagine thanks and have a good day.

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If you want Cristhian to be your booster, type 21177 when you choose the booster for your order

Cristhian's Reviews - Feel free to read them all

C boosted by Cristhian from 3393 to 4218 - 04/11/2019

Cristhian, is a very good booster, he was very accommodating on the times we could play and understanding. I would use and recommend him to anyone looking for a duo queue booster!

artesy boosted by Cristhian from 4206 to 4306 - 01/10/2019


J_Daawggg boosted by Cristhian from 4194 to 4350 - 29/09/2019

Easy duo boost. Booster was available almost all the time and made sure to plan specific times that we can both play. Fast and once we got going it was very easy. Would use again

Ali boosted by Cristhian for 10 matches - 26/09/2019

Unbelievable. He is really good. Such a professional player. finally found the one who I can choose again.

Anonymous boosted by Cristhian from 3824 to 3924 - 25/09/2019

Excellent booster, quick and fast service <3