My name is Juri. You need to know my English is so so. But I always ready to give advice about heroes or roles or meta.
I have been playing Dota for about 10 years , from about 6.32 patch or around it. So literally i`m old Dota player. I`m trying to win every game in your accounts and i`m trying to end the orders as fast as possible. I'll be glad to aswer your any question about my heroes and playstyle. Don't forget that boosters are humans too, so they can`t play on your accounts 24/7 :) but still i`m trying to make maximum MMR per day when its possible.
P.S. I specialize in high rank - playing supports. So u have opportunity to learn something from me.

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Juri was great would definitely recommend.

very nice service,&fast :)

Very fast booster, wp bro

Great Booster!

Fast and reliable professional. Would definitely come back.