I've played video games for a rather long time, mainly First Person Shooters but I've probably at least tried most popular titles out there. Superb at most heroes in overwatch, effective at every hero even at the highest level. Mainly I like to play dps/zarya to win games faster and overwhelmingly.
I've been playing the game since first season and top500 ever since with peaks in the single digits ladder wise. Peak sr on about 3-4 accounts is above 4.6k. I'm fast and professional in what I do because I don't like wasting my time or anyone else's time either.

Boosts in: Apex Legends, Overwatch
Orders Completed: 10
Recent Orders: 1
Last Active: Online
Rating: 5/5 (11 reviews)

If you want Kristo to be your booster, type 15859 when you choose the booster for your order

Kristo's Reviews:

Hearthstone Boosting - Get the boost to legend in Hearthstone

amazing. booster chatted with me the entire time through the stream as well.


Better than the other players who claim to be top 500, (((jacob and YUJIA)) and actually manage to get me to the wanted SR level unlike some fucks who couldn't ((jacob and YUJIA) most boosters would drop me and one of them even dropped me 100 below my sr with what i originally started with (((YUJIA)). This is a genuine review, please go with this guy and no one else.

Kristo was very patient as we worked out the authenticator process. Booster was friendly and professional. I really appreciate how fast my order was completed.

Insane Skill . Enjoyd a Lot =)