Hello, my name is Sergey I am 16 years old and I live in Russia. Yes, I'm in school, but that doesn't stop me from going to Rainbow Six Siege every day and progressing my skills. I also have Diamond in the last 4 seasons and my achievements don't end there. I will try to perform boost as best as possible and faster to show you the best result. Also I have my own team with which I have been playing for 1.5 years and it helps me to fulfill your orders faster and better. thank you for choosing my boost, good mood and good luck in Rainbow Six Siege

Boosts in: Rainbow Six Siege
Orders Completed: 27
Recent Orders: 0
Last Active: 15 hours ago
Rating: 5/5 (17 reviews)

If you want Sergey to be your booster, type 15737 when you choose the booster for your order

Sergey 's Reviews:

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Great job buy a great booster

10/10 would recommend

Extremely helpful, and easy to work with. He ranked me up while I was asleep and I came back to being higher up

Once Sergey accepted the order, he was very prompt in dragging my ass out of the low rank dumps up into Gold 2. He responded quickly, and put in work. Now my w/l k/d ratios are a bit up and i'm right in Gold II like I wanted. Dope.

Very professional. Easy to work with and non-toxic (which is rare in R6 Siege). Would definitely work with Sergey again in the future.