My booster name is Jimmy. I choose not to show my real name as it is frowned upon for being a booster. I am a top 50 player, definitely in the Top 3 of all boosters for Rocket League in the world. Each rank from bronze 1 to champion 1 will take me around 45 minutes per rank. Champion 1 or higher could take an hour or more per rank. I am from North America and I can complete any boost possibly ordered as I am Grand champion in every playlist. I personally Prefer 1v1 boosts as that is what I am best at and I could make opponents forfeit very quickly.

Boosts in: Rocket League
Orders Completed: 45
Recent Orders: 1
Last Active: 29 minutes ago
Rating: 5/5 (20 reviews)

If you want Jimmy to be your booster, type 1536 when you choose the booster for your order

Jimmy's Reviews:

Booster was fast to add and to complete games!

amazing booster

really nice guy and friendly and doesnt get mad at your mistakes

Jimmy was great! Super fast

Great guy, really nice and easy to work with. Fast turn around.