Hello, my name is Simon.
I have been playing LoL for 6 years, so as a competetive person and gamer i've devoloped a high skill of gameplay.
I'm not stopping for long breaks i'm no quitter and I'll play until i succeed
I tend to win my game through my mechanics and macro (map, wavecontrol and knowledge of the further going moments into the game)

Why i'm good for you!

- I'd be more than happy to explain my gameplay and strategies while I get you your desired rank, since I have been coaching for almost a year.
- I'm very consistent in my gameplay and tend to dominate through every lead I can get.
- I'm accommodating & friendly - you are in good hands with me.
- I hope you ask questions so I can improve your gameplay & knowledge
- Feel free to leave a review if I've been at your service

Boosts in: League of Legends
Orders Completed: 38
Recent Orders: 1
Last Active: 11 hours ago
Rating: 5/5 (26 reviews)

If you want Simon to be your booster, type 14243 when you choose the booster for your order

Simon 's Reviews:

Hearthstone Boosting - Get the boost to legend in Hearthstone

Awesome booster! Played unranked duo and 100% win rate on my jax! This guy is a beast!! He played Kass and Rengar and DELETED the other team!! If you want a good booster use this guy!!!

Fast, no fuss even after starting off with a loss and an autofill game, true to his word. what a beast

great service, really kind guy, even offered to play champions i know so i can see how to improve, really nice guy!

Amazing booster , finished fast and friendly

Very kind & fast. Learned a lot with him :)