Hi, my name is Chris age 23. I an European high Elo LoL player, more less among the best 1000 in Euw Server. I have been playing since Season 1 and I improved a lot in the last Season (my highest rank was Challenger 465 lp)
I got aswell Teamplay shotcalling experience since i played in Teams for payment :). I'm focused on any boost of EUW or EUNE , preferably solo boost or low elo duoq. I'm maining Jungle actually on my main account, but I can autofill if it's necessary. Here are more less time frames that the boost can take:

Bronze -> Silver 2-3 Days
Silver -> Gold 2-3 Days

Gold -> Platin 2-3 Days

Platin-Diamond Maybe 5 Days

Diamond-Master 1-2 Weeks. depends on Metagaming.

I wish you all a nice day!

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If you want Christian to be your booster, type 13973 when you choose the booster for your order

Christian's Reviews:

No one like this guy, if you ever pick someone, he’s the one to pick.

clean fast and pro as usual

Very nice and professional! Straight wins no doubt that you should pick this guy

Thumbs up!

Definitely a perfect boosted for your ranks, Keeps you updated all the time and never leaves you down.

clean , straight wins , very pro , pick for sure