Hello, my name is James Franko, i am high elo League of Legends (challenger s3/s4/s5, master s7/s8) & TFT player (top50 euw)
From time to time was part of decent competitive teams you could see at some tournaments.
I have a lot of boosting experience, boosting since season 5 in League, boosted over at least 1000 accounts in that duration.
I can play every single role of League of Legends but my favourite one is jungle (my signature champion is Master Yi, but i also confident on Vi/Kayn/Sylas/Wukong/Evelynn/Nocturne/Kha'Zix/Shyvana/Hecarim). So if you are looking for experienced jungler (esp. Yi main) feel free to assign me.
Also i am predator player at Apex Legends s2 (Wraith, Wattson, LL player) at 2 platforms (PC, PS4)
I'm free all day and night so my hours are very flexible. I can boost any EU server and also NA without any problem.
Also i am a TFT addicted player, very flexible to metagame, my peak rating has been top18. On TFT i am able to play at any server.

Boosts in: Apex Legends, League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics
Orders Completed: 49
Recent Orders: 0
Last Active: Online
Rating: 5/5 (31 reviews)

If you want James to be your booster, type 12468 when you choose the booster for your order

James's Reviews - Feel free to read them all

Alex boosted by James from Gold 4 to Gold 3 - 22/09/2019

Very good jungler, super fast and efficient! ezpz

Alex boosted by James from Silver 4 to Gold 4 - 07/09/2019

Super Fast! Great job!

Jorn boosted by James from Silver 4 to Gold 4 - 03/09/2019

Must have been the best booster I've had so far! -We played Duo
Won every game, was available most the time! Highly recommend anyone who want a quick boost and have fun at the same time, go for James!

ADC boosted by James for 2 Wins at Gold 4 - 01/09/2019

Great jungler got fed quick and every lane was holding strong each game.

Albert boosted by James for 7 Games at Platinum 4 - 20/06/2019

Very good. Simply, very good.