Hi there. I've been playing Rainbow Six: Siege since Operation Health and have been diamond in every season since White Noise. I'm an ex-challenger league player with competitive experience in other games such as mid-high level CS:GO ESEA divisions. In every season since White Noise I've had over a 2 K/D ratio and an 80% win rate or above! Ordering with me ensures that you receive quick responses, the most professional customer service, and that your boosts are done in a timely fashion with no issues and excellent results. I'm available most days from 3 PM PST to 1 AM PST. Thank you, and take care!

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If you want Cameron to be your booster, type 12164 when you choose the booster for your order

Cameron's Reviews - Feel free to read them all

Gavin coached by Cameron for 2 hours - 01/07/2020

Great coach! Had some seriously good tips and was easy to talk with, Would definitely recommend going with Cameron for anything siege related!

Wha boosted by Cameron for 4 matches Games on PC - 30/06/2020

This man is something else, he is genuinely too nutty for his own good.

Paul boosted by Cameron from Gold II to Platinum III - 30/06/2020

im gunna be honest.. hes literally like someone just on your friends list who isnt there for a job, he knows the game (or atleast the people youve been teamed with) are bad, and he's just there to help ya out, couldnt reccommend this guy enough.

M boosted by Cameron for 6 matches Games on PC - 29/06/2020

Great booster, mhm very yes is good

Its me boosted by Cameron for 10 matches Games on PC - 29/06/2020

honestly top bloke always smashes the order with perfection and quality 10/10 recommended