I've reached Master playing Yone/Yasuo top, but I can play alot more of conqueror champs as Darius, Irelia, Garen, Gwen...
Or just play Yone/Yasuo mid.

Even if I have some knowledge, I might only boost and not coach, because english is not my 1st lenguage (i'm spanish), but I can give some tips in duoqueue that helped me to climb in toplane with fighter champions such as Yone or Yasuo.

I'm truly friendly and maybe a little shy the first game because I don't usually speak english, but it's something I want to deal with, so I can grow myself while I get experience in elo boosting.

Thanks for your attention and be sure to rate me as you feel, if i've done a 1/5 rate boosting, I might deserve ur 1/5 rate.

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If you want Mario to be your booster, type 120494 when you choose the booster for your order

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:D helped loads

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Ordered 5 ranked wins in Silver 3. Mario started my order almost instantly and won the 5 games in a row all with excellent scores.
He even got me from Silver 3 98LP to Gold 4 without any hassle.
Can absolutely recommend this booster!

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good and fast deliveries