Hello, I am a Ladder Overwatch player who has been playing Overwatch since closed beta. I have been Top 500 every season since season 5. I peaked at rank 90 on the American Ladder season 8. My best heroes that have allowed me to climb to the rank I am are Tracer, Genji, Ana, and Zenyatta, but I can play any hero at the top 500 level of play. I also have competed in many pro tournaments in the past and even gotten offers to multiple professional teams, but I have chosen not to do anything in that field as of yet.

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Seth's Reviews:

He got it done in under 24 hrs and even mostly played heroes that are in my hero pool! Was really considerate as well and a great guy overall.

Seth was very helpful and spent time coaching me through my mistakes as we duo-qued. Great experience and appreciate the effort. I highly recommend him and look forward to working with him again.

great guy & player, i highly recommend him. specially for those of you who choose the "play specific hero" option. he will follow your instructions flawlessly and perform efficiently.

highly recommend him, quick and efficient. nice and friendly.

Really fun guy to play with.