Hard worker, Finish boosts as soon as possible, available 24/7 working up to 12 hours a day ( unless sleeping ), Mainly boosts rocket leauge 2v2 up to Grand champion from any rank to grand champion Solo queue.. i take this job very serious and would love to always keep it up, I can boost 1v1 to Champ 2, 3v3 to Champ 3! i usually take 5-12 hours to done the boost ( depends on how high the rank is ). i will always do my best! unfortunately i can't stream while boosting because of my country & internet situations and hopefully i can fix that someday!

Boosts in: Rocket League
Orders Completed: 49
Recent Orders: 2
Last Active: 17 hours ago
Rating: 5/5 (30 reviews)

If you want Mustafa to be your booster, type 11701 when you choose the booster for your order

Mustafa's Reviews:

Hearthstone Boosting - Get the boost to legend in Hearthstone

1s based player. Excellent ball control. Also very professional. Was some miscommunication at the beginning in reference to schedule, but he was very nice about it and we got it worked out. 5/5 experience.

Mustafa is the best, if you're looking for a professional booster look no further!

Mustafa is the best! Great guy, super friendly and will create a schedule to make sure your order gets done asap. Highly recommend!

Mustafa is by far the nicest person ive ever met, he does a amazing job probably the best booster you could find hands down 100/10 would recommend!

He was a very quick and friendly booster. I would recommend him