Hello im Rumi Challenger jungler, mid or top , 500+ lp all season.
Every order are done on really fast speed. can boost you too whatever you need. i would be happy if you assign me anything and i will start immediately.

If you choose me we will:

-Look over you Runes/Masteries

-Give you recommendations on when to pick champions from your pool vs. different matchups

- You play one Solo q and then we watch that game.

- Go over anything that you feel needs touching up on

- Optional: Go into a custom and testout differnet laning skill or jungling patterns.
I hope you choose me to be your coach, if you do you wont regret it! I am a commited individual who can see the strengths of any player and help them shine bright.

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If you want Rumi to be your booster, type 11682 when you choose the booster for your order

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Friendly, efficient. finish the order within one day. Will recommend :)

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Amazing booster Rumi was funny nice and got the job done quick

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