Hello my name is Andre but you can call me RuMi. I main jungle,top or support. Feel free to ask me anything. I'll assist you as best as possible.
im 18 years old im from mexico :D
I am a Chall Jung player in LAN and D1 Na

If you choose me we will:

-Look over you Runes/Masteries

-Give you recommendations on when to pick champions from your pool vs. different matchups

- You play one Solo q and then we watch that game.

- Go over anything that you feel needs touching up on

- Optional: Go into a custom and testout differnet laning skill or jungling patterns.
I hope you choose me to be your coach, if you do you wont regret it! I am a commited individual who can see the strengths of any player and help them shine bright.

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If you want Rumi to be your booster, type 11682 when you choose the booster for your order

Rumi's Reviews:

Pretty awesome player. Very responsive and made quick work of it.
Thanks Rumi

He was super nice and super efficient, would totally recommend recommend him.

Great booster! Schedule his time with me!

Quick & Easy! Thanks for the help.

Got the job done very quick was actually surprised.