hello , My name is Daniil. i am Valorant player, before valorant i was playing csgo, reached global elite also 2400 faceit elo.
I started playing valorant not so long ago,about 5 months ago, but i immediamtely got an immortal after calibration
My main agents are Jett,Reyna,Sage, Skye, Omen

i can do special requests like streaming your games

I will do my jobs on time

i will guarantee you the 100% success rate for your boost

No cheats or third party programs are used whatsoever

I will try to finish all orders as fast as possible

If you choose me for the job, you will be satisfied.

My main account is Radiant 555pts

Boosts in: Valorant
Orders Completed: 14
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Last Active: 11 minutes ago
Rating: 5/5 (4 reviews)

If you want Daniil to be your booster, type 116782 when you choose the booster for your order

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Annon boosted by Daniil from Bronze 2 to Silver 2

Did a grat job recommand him to do the best job :)!

Vinter boosted by Daniil from Gold 3 to Platinum 1

Good service and professional

Someone boosted by Daniil from Silver 3 to Platinum 1

this boy is insane, incredible is a legend of this game is better 10 time than pro league player.

Mana boosted by Daniil for 5 matches matches

Nice booster, picked up the order and got it gone really fast.