Hello, I am Jim. I've been booster for several years now while reaching challenger each season.
I am a flexible player meaning I can play all 5 roles at the highest level. I think of myself as a helpful and communicative person so feel free to ask me anything.

I also provide coaching which is separated in multiple sessions and is done by watching your replays or playing with you.
1 session = preferably 2 hours

First session: Champion pool, Basics of wave management, Match ups, Build path, Mechanics
Second session: Advanced wave management, Jungle tracking, Decision making
Third session: Playing lane to its fullest potential, Snowballing

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If you want Jim to be your booster, type 11640 when you choose the booster for your order

Jim's Reviews - Feel free to read them all

Umberto coached by Jim for 1 hour - 06/11/2019

Best coach i ever had. He s really clean when he explain something u should improve and why. And is a nice guy. So if u want a choaching try to get jim as a coach

Kapperoni coached by Jim for 3 hours - 15/10/2019

Very nice coaching, helpful and gives a lot of advice.

Mikkel boosted by Jim for 9 Wins in Iron 4 - 05/10/2019

Awesome guy. Teached me what i am good at and what should be worked on.

Mikkel coached by Jim for 1 hour - 05/10/2019

Super cool and funny guy with a lot of game knowledge. Showed me a lot of good tricks and how to be a more consistent player.

Anonymus boosted by Jim from level 4 to level 7 - 02/09/2019

Fast and chill, very helpful and nice