Hi, I am an experienced league player who has been playing for several years; I have peaked challenger and have been rank 1 Yasuo world on leagueofgraphs but I’m currently master tier on EUW as a mid-laner (550lp) mainly playing Yasuo and Yone which are both great for 1v9ing lower elo games (80% wr in plat guaranteed). For the best results, I can boost up to mid diamond. As a player, I believe being tilt-proof is a huge factor in climbing, therefore I guarantee a positive and friendly attitude as well as determination towards winning every game.

As for personal information, I was born in Poland but have been living in the UK for the majority of my life so I can speak both languages fluently. I am also 16 years old and willing to complete the job as quick as possible. Type in 115311 to select me as your booster for quick service :)

Servers available: EUW, EUNE

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If you want Cyprian to be your booster, type 115311 when you choose the booster for your order

Cyprian's Reviews - Feel free to read them all

J boosted by Cyprian for 4 Wins in Silver 1

fast quick great service

antonio boosted by Cyprian for 5 Wins in Platinum 2

nice yasuo player , very reccomended

ozkar boosted by Cyprian for 2 Wins in Gold 1

Rly good booster, one of the best on the site 100% :)

antonio boosted by Cyprian for 2 Wins in Platinum 1

fast and polite

Angelos boosted by Cyprian for 3 Games at Platinum 3

This player was by far the kindest person most skilled midlaner i have ever seen he popped off every game im very thankfull that he helped. Would reccommend 1000%