My name is Silva challanger top laner, i play league since season 3 and i got alot of expirience in boosting Also very friendly no need to talk about my self but my performance gonna do that Feel free to reply for ur questions i'm nice guy who have alot of free time to play, gurantee nice games where we both will have fun! i would like to help you my main goal is finishing my boost as fast as possible and satisfy my customer providing high quality boosting service while making it a fun experience for customer is what i excel at. : )

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If you want Ahmed to be your booster, type 115262 when you choose the booster for your order

Ahmed's Reviews - Feel free to read them all

Patrick boosted by Ahmed from level 1 to level 4

best Booster , Fast and Good

juan miguel boosted by Ahmed from Bronze 1 to Gold 3

Very good

Dirk boosted by Ahmed for 6 Wins in Bronze 1

Great Job well done

Elena boosted by Ahmed from level 6 to level 7

Really good

Elena boosted by Ahmed from level 5 to level 6

Pretty fast joob