Hello, My name is Abdulaziz but my friends call me Azoz. I'm a fan of FPS games since I was young. I Have been playing Overwatch since season 3 and I Play in high ranks since season 4. I'm a dps main but I can flex to any rule up to 4100 if needed. I have been working as a booster since season 4. love giving advices about the game to those who are trying to improve. I allows try to finish my work as fast as passable. I can play both in EU and NA for the DouQ orders

My main heroes are Tracer, Genji, Widow and some Zarya

Boosts in: Overwatch
Orders Completed: 22
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If you want Abdulaziz to be your booster, type 11464 when you choose the booster for your order

Abdulaziz 's Reviews:

Great Job! 10/10

amazing and fast! i recommend 100%

Great guy, fast boost

Highly recommend. Updated you every day. Would use Abdulaziz if I would need this service again!

love thids dude