Hi im Cristian I am European top 100 Rocket League booster Im 16 years old I have started playing since season 4 in ps4 but i passed to pc for 1 year I can do solo boost duo boosts and In game tournaments I have experience boosting people and i can take a lot of time doing that. Im from Spain and i can speak English more or less my favourite mode is 2s because is the easiest to boost people . Usually it takes me 2-5 hours to get Grand Champion
with rewards but i can do very easily i can get supersonic legend in all modes too.

Boosts in: Rocket League
Orders Completed: 40
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Last Active: 12 hours ago
Rating: 5/5 (29 reviews)

If you want Cristian to be your booster, type 111750 when you choose the booster for your order

Cristian 's Reviews - Feel free to read them all

Alex boosted by Cristian for Grand Champion wins on PC - Two days ago

Amazing service didn't loose a single game and is quick

Alex boosted by Cristian from Diamond III to Grand Champion I on PC - Two days ago


Roman boosted by Cristian in - 12/04/2021

Very good and friendly booster

damien boosted by Cristian from Grand Champion I to Grand Champion II on XBox One - 11/04/2021

dude was chill and fun to play with

Jacob boosted by Cristian for 10 matches on 3v3 (Standard) ( +40% ) - 11/04/2021

Fast and friendly. Amazing pass plays and general high level play