My name is Daniil, I'm from St. Petersburg, I'm 21 years old, second-year student. I've been playing Hearthstone from the very beginning of beta testing, before played in WoW TCG, and played quite successfully, often visited other cities and played tournaments there. By this, I was so quickly interested in hearthstone :). I work exceptionally. Sometimes I'm thinking of trying to break into a pro-stage, but somehow there is not enough motivation, but maybe I'll see you at the next prelims :)

4-legend 1-2 days (But in the first days of the month can take a little more time)

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Daniil's Reviews - Feel free to read them all

luca boosted by Daniil from 18 to 10 - 18/03/2020

the best

marco boosted by Daniil from 1 to Legend - 07/03/2020

awesome as the first one :)

Marco boosted by Daniil from 4 to Legend - 03/03/2020

awesome player of hearthstone , is too easy fro him, guaranteed 100%

Lewis boosted by Daniil for 250 Wins - 28/01/2020

Daniil is an absolute machine. He pumped out 250 wins in 6 days. Absolute pleasure watching him play and he was very kind and shared plenty of tips and HS knowledge. Definitely recommend.

William boosted by Daniil from 11 to Legend - 20/01/2020

Fast boost to legend,
80% winrate starting from rank 11