I've always been interested in FPS games such as CS:GO, which I have thousands of hours in and have hit Global Elite various times. I had no issue transferring that skill to Rainbow Six Siege, which is now my primary game.
I've been playing Rainbow Six Siege since it first came out, and fell in love with the style of the game. I've been Diamond since Operation Health and have had a fun experience the entire way through.
My favorite operators for attack are Ash, Hibana, and Twitch. My favorite operators for defending are Bandit, Vigil, and Valkyrie.

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Very fast

Mason is an amazing booster. I was stuck in copper 4 at 600mmr and he helped me get to copper 4. He did this faster than I expected. Mason is an angel, do not hesitate to pick him as your booster, 10/10 2 thumbs up

Mason did this order quickly with a 5-0. Very good booster!