Hi im 19 years old,I played league of legends for 6 years at the moment im Challenger tier My main roles are mid top jungle my champ pool is rly rly big, can play every role . i can play 90%champs of toplane and jungle My current main right now is vlad he can easy 1v9 everygames in <diamond2 elo, i was the best vlad in lolskill , rly good experience how to win in lowelo i play league atleast 12+hours per day

My efficiency and winrate won't let you down :3

if you want a fast and high winrate eloboost choose me:3

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If you want Dongdong to be your booster, type 10128 when you choose the booster for your order

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Ted boosted by Dongdong from Diamond 4 to Diamond 3

Monster 10/10

Loic boosted by Dongdong from Diamond 3 to Diamond 2

Great job

Eric boosted by Dongdong from Platinum 4 to Platinum 3

This guy is 100% Legit.
Had 20 boosters + in my life but this guy is way better at everything, biggest carry ever.
Never say anything negative, never gives in, 210iq.
Excruciatingly insane.

UR DADDY boosted by Dongdong from Diamond 4 to Diamond 2

Hes insane player 100% recommended . Probably best booster on this side

ale boosted by Dongdong from Silver 1 to Gold 3

he did an awesome job, like for real. he's friendly and very calm. in all of the games he 1v5 and carried the game to victory. i recommend him!!