I am a booster from Mongolia, 16 years old. It might sound I am too young but you can be sure that I am a talented player. I usually spam Meepo and Broodmother in order to win games easily. About my rank, Immortal around 1000 in the swings. So, I truly hope that you all would enjoy my gameplay, also if you got a question up concerned about the game, Don't hesitate, I am a nice guy *some jokes*, Buying a boost doesn't mean you will only have a high mmr, Feel free to learn from them, Ask them in order to grow up! Also feel free to ask me any question. I would surely help you to grow up! Best regards!

Boosts in: Dota 2
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If you want Enkhjavkhlan to be your booster, type 9547 when you choose the booster for your order

Enkhjavkhlan's Reviews:


Awesome player and nice too. Recommend

Amazing booster and very patient

Best booster

Fantastic booster. Super friendly and went out of his way to complete order on time as well as helping with predictions and some cavern heroes. Best!