My name is Sergey, I am Russian dota 2 booster, I have been playing Dota since Sota AllStars, my MMR is around 6000, I've boosted a lot of accounts from scratch and got them to 5000-6000 MMR. I played in Starladder pro league several years ago, now focusing on boosting and coaching. In addition, I am pretty good at calibrating matches, doing the maximum or almost the maximum possible rating. I prefer boosting up to 5000, I am pretty experienced player. At average, I am playing around 8 games per day, so its around 150 - 200 MMR per day. I speak Russian and English with weird Russian accent :)

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If you want Sergey to be your booster, type 939 when you choose the booster for your order

Sergey's Reviews:

Very nice booster.

Sergey boosted me from 2.5 - 3.5k so quickly! He is very polite and friendly and even took requests and explained why he bought certain items and explained his decision-making. Would definitely recommend to everyone!! 10/10!


Sergey was fast and professional.

Sergey was great and did a quick boost. but the overall experience of this page is not so good.